A Lonely Ghost Burning

"There is a sense of something special about the pair's work: a stylish aura, a dimly lit, sometimes mystical quality suggestive of a lingering, almost imperceptible incongruity lurking nearby..."

Full article: http://alonelyghostburning.co.uk/getting-to-know-jesse-and-jeremy/ 

Buzz Artist

"There are moments where tiny thunderstorms of swirling instrumentation take over, as if in their own world, until wispy harmony sneaks back in. “Colette” is heavy with haunting melodies but lovely with a unique sound that threatens to grip the soul and not let go..."

Full article: http://www.buzzartist.com/thoughtdream-somber-pop-spellbinding-harmonies-and-an-eloquent-qa/ 

Silence Transformed

"The song is dream-like and ethereal...Death Is A Myth is a picture perfect soundtrack to wandering through a new city on a misty day or driving down backroads at dawn..."

Full article: http://www.silencetransformed.com/death-is-a-myth 

Permanent Rain Press

"The duo carry poise beyond their years, their harmonies and lingering notes contrasting beautifully..."

Full article: http://thepermanentrainpress.com/post/151617046365/jesse-and-jeremy-release-new-demo-deep-shadows

Ear To The Ground Music 

"The mix, the blending of the voices, and the overall style is quite appealing. There’s a dark serenity to the style of Thoughtdream..."

Full article: http://www.eartothegroundmusic.co/2017/02/03/new-music-friday-episode-34-vote-in-the-poll-to-decide-who-wins-a-full-album-review/